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Some people spread happiness wherever they go...

9/19/08 11:09 pm - "Five Dollar Guy" - a short story by Vlad & Haru (based on real events)

There was once a man named "Five Dollar Guy." He lived a simple life, working at FYE and pleasing the juvenile adolescents coming in. He had to cope with countless amounts of "sticky rolls of quarters" coated in slime at his cash register. Many times he thought he would die of the unthinkable; boredom. sfx dundundunnnnnnnn! sfx

A day out of the norm; two teens approached this simple man. One was short; shorter than the normal stature; but despite her height she had the characteristics of a Totalitarian (God, that's hard to say.) The second of the two teens contradicted the first in both physical attributes and in personality. She gave off a happy, content aura; while the other was just, well; pissed off!

Putting the item on the counter that they wanted to purchase, he noted that the DVD contained too much blood and gore for the eyes of the two teens. The "pint-sized" accomplice of the two had a malevolent glint in her eyes while she gave a slight upturn of her lips. The "gentle giant" simply grinned, trying to hide the evil ways of her companion.

Pulling out bags of coins and uncerimoniously plopping it on the "glass" counter, the "Five Dollar Guy" opened his eyes wide in shock of all the change he needed to count. Making light of the situation, he told past experiences of strange situations where the conditions were worse than the present one.

He proceeded to count out the multiple coins in the bag with care. This tedious task was one of the numerous chores of the day. Finishish (<--hahaha I'M DUMB!) Finishing off the final few, he realized that despite the large amount of coins before him there wasn't enough to cover the cost.

Luckily, the two companions had noticed it as well. With a quick movement, the taller one of the two pulled a bill out of her pants pocket. Unfolding it gradually, it revealed to be a five which made up for the entire cost of the change. She smiled so annoyingly brightly that it is inexpressible in words. Laughing, the five dollar guy returned the coins to their plastic sandwich bag and handed it to the smaller girl.

"Sorry about my friend," she said hastily while stuffing the bag into her winter jacket.

With the amount of money he had been give, "Five Dollar Guy" placed the obscene DVD and receipt in a bag and held it out. Before the taller one could take it, the angry one snatched it, leaving the employee to return to his work. However, he noticed that as they were exiting the small one clenched her fist and startled the taller one by connecting her fist with the tall one's right bicept. After a moment, they disappeared from view, never to be seen again, except by their AP Western European History teacher, but he wouldn't admit it anyway.

5/4/08 12:04 am - <3!

I can now honestly say that I am confident about next year. Of course I'm going to miss the high school oodles, but I just feel so great right now. Everything is falling into place. I'm so proud of us. We rock.

And I promise not to marry Craig ;).

3/11/08 03:45 pm - UGHIRAGHIAGAHGAH!!1!

Today just sucks, it really does. So, as you may or may not know, I didn't get into the Siena Albany Med Program that I was practically ready to cut off a limb for. I've known for a couple of weeks now, and I was really upset to say the least. It's just awful because I've wanted to get into it for like, three years now.

But today guess what I found out? Craig got in. I'm just ticked because I know that I deserved it more than he did for so many reasons: I'M the one who told Craig about it, he didn't even know that it existed! Craig has wanted to join the medical field for how long? Like five months. WHY does Craig want to be a pediatrician? The money! And WHAT medical experience does he have? None! It's just not fair! I've been working my butt off! I'm in more APs that are closer to the medical field. AP Physics is going to get him nowhere. Craig just has that stupid little way of charming adults into making them think that he's the greatest thing alive. I'm not saying that I'm better than he is, but I don't think he's better than I am!!! I can't wait until Siena sees what a bad choice they made when they chose him because he's obnoxious. And I WILL be a doctor, and I'll go to a school better than Albany Med anyway. Albany Med has like, the lowest ratings of medical schools in the country. But even so, this sucks.

And Mrs. Villa's mad at me. She doesn't hate me, but she's not happy with me. She won't help me at all! Like, the reason I made a bad choice in the first place was because I didn't understand it the first time, so what makes her think I can do it now?? It's upsetting because Mrs. Villa is just one of those people that I look up to so much, and I know she's upset with me when compared to the rest of my class I didn't do THAT much. Yet I am (I think) the only one brave enough to talk to Mrs. Villa and own up to what I did, so I'm the one who has to do extra work to gain back my respect.

And I know you really don't care, but I'm terribly upset right now. If you managed to read all of that, I commend you.

2/3/08 05:28 pm - SUPERBOWLLLLL!

Can't wait. In other news, Craig just bothers me so much. I had my Siena/ Albany Med interview on Friday, and I had to talk about Craig. ICK. And they asked me if we were friends, and so badly I just wanted to tell the truth, but I couldn't! So I told them that we were friends, but not inseperable. And that we figured out what we were going to do for our interview together, and that Craig asked me what I was going to wear (because Mary, that's the truth!). But I'm just going to be really upset if he gets in and I don't. I'm glad that I'm a finalist, at least. I just really hope that they have a good sense of character, because I honestly can't picture Craig there- I just can't. Oh well- que sera, sera I suppose.

Anyway, GO GIANTS!

12/30/07 05:07 pm

I would just like to say that I saw The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway on Friday. And it was absolutely amazing.

And [other than becoming the Pope] my life is officially complete.

12/9/07 11:58 am

So last night I had this dream that I was in Europe with my church's Youth Group. And I did something to make my Youth Group Leader Nancy really mad (I have no idea what), so she decided to give away all of the food I was supposed to eat that day to a chaperone. And she wouldn't let me have anything to drink even though I was dehydrated. So then I ended up finding the chaperone who had my food and she gave me this ENORMOUS piece of pizza- like a foot long. And then I brought it into the mass we were at which was being said by a bishop and ate it. Which is pretty much the worst thing you can do during mass. But I knew it would make Nancy really mad so I did it. And it was an awesome piece of pizza.

I just thought you should know.

11/23/07 10:48 am - Gosh I Love Phantom of the Opera

I wish people (teachers, parents, guidance counselors who are dumb and don't do anything in return for you) didn't expect so much. UGH! I'm working so hard and Craig Rovito is STILL owning me.

I have <-> that much left to do of my college applications. And I've been trying so much, honestly. I just don't know of any experiences that have taught me the importance of diversity. I don't think I have any. Maybe I'll make one up.

I'm surprised Mrs. Villa doesn't hate me yet. I've missed so much of her class and I barely know what's going on. Maybe she pities me. And AP Physics is another story. So Mrs. Famoso (aka cannistraci) DOESN'T teach us how to do problems, she just expects us to know so then we go over the homework everyday and she teaches us the right way AFTER we do it the wrong way. Not great, not terrible, right? Well starting next week she's grading the homework that she DOESN'T teach us how to do. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING THAT YOU DIDN'T SHOW ME HOW TO DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! uuuggggggggh! This stinks.

10/24/07 04:09 pm

And this is what I'm going to do tomorrow. But not really. It just made me laugh. I want Bob Barker back!

10/24/07 04:09 pm

I just like this picture, so I felt the need to post... yeah.

thanks SSSSSSSara.

10/11/07 08:53 pm - Ideas??

So we're doing this AP Physics Project. And you can win up to $2500 in scholarships if you win. So I really want my group to win.

We have to come up with a method of teaching senior citizens how to use modern technology. And then implant it into our community. We can pretty much teach them anything dealing with technology that we want to, but we have to come up with something to teach, a method of teaching it, make sure that seniors actually want to learn this stuff, make sure our method works, and write a report on it.

So Torrina and I have an idea of what we're going to do (and possibly Jill, depending on whether or not she's in our group. But just because I have so many brilliant friends- anybody have any amazing super-fantastic ideas??? Even though we'll probably stick to our idea anyway, because I like it.
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